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We ask for feedback using a voluntary and anonymous questionnaire. The following quotes are from people who have used our service, and have given permission for their comments to be included on this website.


I couldn't have asked for a more skilled or supportive therapist to help guide me through an incredibly difficult time.


I enjoyed working with [the therapist]. Looking back at the start of the year when I started my sessions, I never expected to come this far, I have a better understanding of my feelings and thoughts and I am able to go about my daily life comfortably with confidence. Thank you!


Just a huge thank you. I have stressed to [daughter] if she ever feels the need she should contact [the therapist] again but hopefully it won’t be necessary.

[The therapist] led me through the process. She had a plan for each session and helped me stay focused. She provided guidance for follow-up reading and exercises at home.


The psychologist was exceptionally good. [My son] found her very easy to talk to and has benefited greatly from all the strategies they discussed and put in place. [It was helpful to have] the resources and strategies used which were available for my son to refer to whenever he wanted.


[The therapist] used a variety of techniques to help me get to the route of my issues. She challenged me where appropriate, encouraged me and helped me look at things from my past with compassion. [The therapist] is a highly skilled practitioner, she built trust quickly and created momentum to move me forward. Many many thanks.

I was initially quite concerned about how the sessions would feel via Zoom but I felt a strong connection throughout all our sessions.


[The therapist] was calm, kind and professional. It was apparent that she was completely focused on me during the hour, and I felt able to say anything that I wanted to. Her knowledge and insights were excellent. I felt that she fully understood my issues, and that she knew the best way to help me. It was an invaluable experience.


So pleased to have found a psychologist that I connected well with, felt comfortable sharing thoughts & feelings without fear of judgement and ultimately feel like I have a much greater understanding of how the mind functions and am more equipped to deal with those tricky times where it has its own agenda!

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